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Helping Children

IFI-CIC Vehicle Donation Program assists in funding programs and sponsorships for at-risk children worldwide.


Our Programs

We provide humanitarian aid, focusing on improving the living standards & social perceptions of youth globally.


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About us

International Friendship Inc. – Children in Crises [IFI-CIC] is a non-profit charity organization established in 1996 to help disadvantaged children and their families worldwide. We provide emergency assistance & humanitarian aid, focusing on improving the living standards & social perceptions of youth globally.

IFI-CIC humanitarian aid shipments contain medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, toys, books, essential clothing and household items. The shipments are distributed to hospitals, social service stations & community centers globally. We also work closely with a number of clinics and local charitable organizations in designated countries, and assist various organizations with large scale disaster relief such as the American Red Cross during the aftermath of 9/11.

IFI-CIC is also a pioneer in creating unique programs designed to promote healthy lifestyles and inspire positive thought. Our programs employ both conventional and alternative therapy methods, with an emphasis on sports, ecology & nature, music, art, community, education, and occupational placement.

Our mission

  • To assist humanitarian aid & crisis relief worldwide
  • To improve the living standards, social understanding & potential of risk-group youth
  • To instill positive values of health, social integration, productivity and personal victory
  • To sponsor & facilitate programs for underprivileged and disabled youth
  • To organize community events and programs to benefit local and international youth
  • To aid charitable organizations extending financial assistance domestically and abroad
  • To respond to local crises and causes

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